Who We Are
Based in New Orleans, we are the brand that supports local artists and businesses in pursuit of connecting people and celebrating the culture of authentic roots in the community.

Our Founder, Lakeisha's, connection to the city exquisitely is expressed through her storytelling of stylishly designed gifting, cultivated by a background in graphic design and years of experience working at The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans. The fusion of these skills contributes to refining details in each box curated. At The Ritz-Carlton, Lakeisha learned outstanding leadership, professionalism, and a keen eye for detail. Working with event planners and marketing executives kindled her desire to cultivate skills in designing personalized gifts for guests. From there, she ventured on a journey into the gifting business.

With New Orleans, we are the company cultivating an experience to share with others who love the city as we do. We are committed to highlighting local brands by preserving the cause of the city's existence with positive change. We represent New Orleans by curating a GIVE ME NOLA Experience.

What Makes Us Different
Our experience in the hospitality industry and design contributes to the genuine expertise we develop in making each GIVE ME NOLA gift box. We carefully source and select our products for nostalgia purposes. In sourcing our products, we seek collaboration with local businesses that intentionally contribute to rebuilding the City of New Orleans.